Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bull Dog

Bull Dog
NP159.90 Buy Now Only RM119.90 Per Set

Did You Know?
The Bulldog is docile, friendly, and gregarious, but can be stubborn. The Bulldog is also very popular as a team mascot, including 39 universities as well as the US Marine Corps.

Each Bundle Includes
-100% Synthentic Fur Petzzz
-Collar with Pet Tag
-New Plush Pet Bed
-Adoption Certificate
-'Did You Know' Card


Bull Dog
NP159.90 Beli Sekarang hanya RM119.90 Satu Set

Bundle setiap includes
-100% Synthentic Bulu Petzzz
-Kolar dengan Tag Binatang Kesayangan
-Binatang Bed Plush baru
-Sijil pengangkatan
-'Tahukah anda' Kad

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